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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a short list of frequently asked questions about CableAmerica's High Speed Internet service. If you have a question not listed here or require assistance with your Internet service please contact our Help Desk at 1.866.871.4492.



1. What features are included with the service?

  • » Speed - up to 512 Kbps Download with 128 Kbps Upload
  • » Up to 7 Email Addresses with 200MB of Storage Each
  • » Technical Support available 7 days a week
  • » Email Access from any Online Computer through WebMail

2. What is my email address and how do I set it up?

Your email address will be a username of your choice @cablemi.com (example: jondoe@cablemi.com). Please follow the steps below to create your email account:

1. Call our Helpdesk at 1.866.871.4492 to select a username
2. Set your email password through the site. (Set/Change Password)
3. Configure an email client to use for reading/sending email

For configuration instructions Click Here.

3. I already have an email address, can I still use it?

Yes. You can continue to use a third party email address provided by free services like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail with our Internet service. If your email address is through an Internet provider that will no longer be providing your Internet connectivity than that address may be subject to termination if the account is closed.

4. What are the minimum computer requirements?

The following are the minimum system and cable modem requirements for CableAmerica High Speed Internet service.

Operating System Windows 98*, 98 SE*, ME*, 2000, XP (Home or Professional), Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate) OS X or 10.3 or higher
Processor Speed 233 MHz for 98/ME or 300MHz for 2000/XP/Vista Power PC with 120 MHz or higher
Free Hard Drive Space 100 MB 100 MB
Drive Type CD-ROM or DVD CD-ROM or DVD
Other USB Port or 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

*CableAmerica can only provide limited support for Windows 98, 98SE, and ME as these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft.

5. What cable modems are compatible with the service?

In theory, any DOCSIS 1.0 or higher compatible cable modem should work on our network, however this is not always the case. We have had good success with some cable modems while others perform poorly. For this reason we recommend the Motorola Surfboard cable modem.

If you have a question regarding a particular cable modem please contact our help desk at 1.866.871.4492.

6. Can I connect more than one computer to the service?

Yes. You can connect multiple computers in your home to your cable modem in order to share your high speed Internet connection. To do this a networking device like a router will be required. If you purchase a router please contact our Help Desk to have the router added to your account. If you would like an additional cable modem installed in your home this can be done however monthly service fees will apply.

For more information about Home Networking check out the following article from HowStuffWorks.com:

» How Home Networking Works

Please note that CableAmerica will be unable to offer support for a home network. If you experience an interuption in service a help desk representative will ask that the cable modem be directly connected to one computer.

7. Can I use a gaming system like Playstation or XBox to play games online?

Yes. You can connect a gaming system like a Playstation or XBox to your cable modem to play games online. If you have a gaming system you want connected to the Internet connect the system to your cable modem then contact our Help Desk at 1.866.871.4492 to have it added to your account.

8. How can I keep myself safe while on the Internet?

Connecting to the Internet can pose dangers to unwary computer users. Installing a firewall, keeping your software up to date, using antivirus software, and using antispyware software are a few ways to improve your computer's security.

For more information about keeping safe online please read the 4 Steps to Protect Your Computer available on this site.

9. How do I transfer service to a different computer?

Transferring your service to a different computer is an easy process since there is no software that needs to be installed on the computer if you are currently connected to the cable modem using an ethernet cable. To transfer service simply switch the ethernet cable from the old computer to the new computer and contact our Help Desk at 1.866.871.4492 to have the computer added to your account.

If you currently have the cable modem connected to your computer via USB additional software will need to be installed on your new computer. Before connecting the cable modem insert the USB drivers disk that came with your cable modem and follow the set up instructions.

10. What is my Internet speed and what factors affect my Internet speed?

Your High Speed Internet package provides download speeds of up to 512 Kbps and upload speeds of up to 128 Kbps. There are several speed test sites available that will provide an adequate measure of your current Internet speed. If you would like to try a speed test we recommend using the following test site:

» www.speedtest.net

There are several factors that can affect your Internet speed:

  • Internet traffic.
  • The server speed of the site you're visiting.
  • Your computer's hardware and software configuration.
  • Traffic on your home network.

If you are experience speed related issues please contact our Help Desk at 1.866.871.4492.

If you have further questions or require additional support contact our Help Desk at 1.866.871.4492.